Innovation Institute for Fan Experience (IIFX)

Founded in 2020, IIFX’s vision is to be the leading and most trusted global authority in providing exceptional sports and entertainment fan experience. The focus is on creating the ideal fan experience for our members and partners resulting in measurable revenue growth, new and repeat attendance, workforce professional growth and development, and maximized health, safety, and security through best practices, innovative technology solutions, and high-quality services. With offices and outreach locations in the USA, UK, and Canada, IIFX produces academic and digital content, special industry events, and facilitates dialogue and collaboration in the sport and entertainment industry around its core areas of expertise.

Contact information:

Dr. Lou Marciani, Director and Co-Founder @IIFX 

4780 I-55 N, Suite 100

Jackson, MS 39211





Phone Numbers:

+1.601.909.4439 (USA & International)

+1.888.601.4439 (Toll Free USA)



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