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Riptide provides industry-leading Experience solutions tailored to Sports and Entertainment, Stadiums, Venues, Teams, Conferences, and facility management. Partnering with Medallia, we tailored our solutions based on the requirements of the Sports and Entertainment industry, allowing you to truly listen to your guests and employees to accurately understand experiences and take action. 

Riptide provides:

  • Design post event, market research, employee, venue tours, museum/arts, and conjoint survey programs
  • Democratise your data with robust real-time dashboards to establish and measure KPI’s + Insights
  • Performance trending and analysis by customer segment, seat location, event type, and key satisfaction drivers with correlation and regression
  • Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis with industry leading AI
  • Closed Loop Feedback module
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Social signal capture, manage your online voice
  • Digital signal capture - Web and App

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