iXpole is a Cloud platform to automate and optimise all processes around VIP Hospitality and Sponsorship.

VIP Hospitality and Sponsorship are among the most important sources of event-/matchday revenue and remain of constantly growing importance. The customer journey of business partners is totally different from that of a fan, with a whole variety of touchpoints: proposal, contract, ticketing, invoice, catering reservation, …

Through automation and optimisation of the operational processes, iXpole strives to help the clubs achieve three major objectives:

  • Offer their business partners and VIPs the best possible customer journey, not only during, but also before and after the game.
  • Constantly grow the revenue from VIP hospitality through growth of the customer base, as well as deepening the relationship with the business partners
  • Reduce the peak stress moments inherent to manual operations and ensure that each employee can focus on what is really important: tightening the relationship with the business partners.

iXpole is a Belgian solution, used by the majority of the Belgian professional football clubs. In the past few years, it has also been deployed internationally (France, Netherlands, Switzerland), as well as in the events/event arena sector.

Any organisation that is heavily committed to VIP hospitality will benefit from iXpole.

For further information, contact:

Luc Vanhecke


e: luc@ixpole.com

W: https://www.ixpole.com


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