Robin Gollbach

Robin Gollbach, Head of Business Development, FC Bayern Basketball
Head of Business Development
FC Bayern Basketball

Robin Gollbach is Head of Business Development for FC Bayern Basketball (FCBB) and member of the club’s Managing Board.

He started working for the basketball company, with its only shareholder being FC Bayern Munich, in 2014, when the club had only recently won the German Championship for the first time after 59 years. During his six years of working for FCBB, the club has built up a Business Development team of 17 people mainly focusing on overall ticket sales and operations, new business, B2B relations and customer satisfaction – constantly in search for innovation.

Next to that, Robin graduated in the EuroLeague Basketball Institute’s Sports Management and Marketing Master Program in 2016 and is now a guest speaker for the EBI’s current program.

Prior to joining FC Bayern Basketball, Robin studied Sports, Business & Law (B. Sc.) in Bayreuth, Germany, where he gained his first valuable insights into the sports business while working for Telekom Germany as a Sports Marketing Manager, mainly being involved in the daily business of the prinicpal partnership with FC Bayern Munich. Furthermore, studies at Washington & Lee University in Virginia, USA, have helped him to get a broader sports business view.

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