PTI Digital launches Digital Maturity Modelling Tool for Sports Organisations

The tool builds on August’s launch of the PTI Data Maturity Tool and together enables sports organisations to understand how advanced its digital ecosystem is in supporting its growth objectives. 

It is PTI’s view that the vast majority of sports organisations have not fully realised the commercial potential of their digital suite, mostly because its role has not been properly defined. For many, for example, the answer is “an app” before it has agreed on what the question is. Too many organisations in our view rush into the “digital, what?” without first understanding the “digital, why?”.

A smart digital ecosystem enables organisations to connect with customers wherever they are with personalised experiences that not only reinforce the relationship but also drive long-term commercial value. However, in PTI’s view, many are leaving value on the table because the digital suite is not connected to a genuine Single Customer View – making personalisation impossible – and its role not more broadly defined beyond basic products and services.

The net result can be considerable outlay without clearly identifiable returns to the business. PTI’s tool enables sports organisations to identify where they are performing well and where there is scope for improvement, forming the basis of an action plan to drive overall business performance.

Ben Wells, CCO, PTI Digital, provided insights during the “Tech Talk: Delivering an Enhanced Fan Experience – Sponsored by SEATSERVE” panel session at last month’s ALSD International conference and exhibition, hosted by Liverpool FC at Anfield stadium. Watch the session online by simply clicking here.

PTI’s Digital Maturity Model tool provides:

  • An accurate maturity score across nine critical digital pillars
  • Allows comparison with peers and versus best practice
  • Identifies areas of particular strength and weakness
  • Forms the basis for action: mitigate weaknesses, build on strengths and gives the role of data greater context within an overall strategic approach
  • Allows measurement over time to reflect improvement based on the action plan

Nine pillars

The nine pillars that the tool interrogates are Internal Strategy, Strategy & Culture, People & Skills, Marketing, Analytics, Monetisation, Infrastructure, Membership & Mobile App. 

Organisations are invited to complete a short questionnaire about each of these key topics and at the end, the tool produces a visual representation of its maturity in each area. The tool is able to break the analysis down by department and the composite score can be compared against immediate peer groups, industry averages and PTI’s own expert assessment.

Free trial 

From this starting point PTI works with its clients to create a holistic approach to digital strategy, from understanding the role it plays within an organisation’s future vision, designing the right ecosystem and recruiting and training the right staff to ensure its digital tools are driving tangible returns for the business.

PTI’s digital maturity model can be contextualised within PTI’s digital transformation pyramid – which unifies our three core pillars of Venue Technology, Data & Digital and Commercial Strategy – lays the foundation for the holistic digital transformation of sports and entertainment organisations and venues. It is this integrated, efficient approach which begins with strategic intent and is informed by insight and powered by the right technology infrastructure which creates significant commercial advantage over the long-term.

PTI are offering a free trial on the model to the first five sports organisations who contact

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