John Rhodes

John Rhodes, Senior VP/Director, Entertainment & Sport
Senior VP/Director of Entertainment & Sport

John has always had an interest in the interface between the built urban form and the landscape. The exploration of this relationship is particularly evident in recent Motorsport projects such as the redevelopment of Silverstone F1, Mumbai F1 and Argentina’s new Formula 1 Circuit ‘Velocuidad’. 

John graduated in 1998 from Herriot Watt University/Edinburgh College of Art as a qualified Architect. He specialised in Urban Design, while studying for his Diploma in Architecture. He currently leads the design of a wide range of projects, including the current Dubai 2020 World Expo masterplan and the new Circuit of Wales.

He has been responsible for several major projects in the UAE. He led the design of the Zayed National Stadium refurbishment for the FIFA Club World Cup 2009 (Abu Dhabi), the award-winning Al Ain Sport City 2,500 acre Masterplan 2009, and schemes for Abu Dhabi Mina Zayed Convention Centre and Arena.

John recently completed the design and construction of the prestigious Leeds Arena (Spring 2013). The 12,300-seat arena is an evolution of the traditional sports arena to what is essentially an entertainment based Super Theatre. With a city centre location the arena will be a major cultural addition to the regional capital of Leeds.