Chris Bergs

Sales & Partnerships Director
Chris Bergs

As a student, Chris helped organise events and got a taste for them. Especially the Night of the Proms (first time in 1985) was an eye-opener and by helping with this event, the desire to further orient his career in the event business grew.

He was therefore happy to be part of the organisation that took over and started operating the Antwerp Sportpaleis (Belgium's largest indoor venue, with a capacity of 23,000) in 1997.

Within this organisation, Chris swum through many waters: he produced shows (indoor cycling events, horse and ice shows), promoted shows and organised major events (e.g. World Cycling Track Championship in 2001).

As a promoter, he is still active for the Cavalluna horse show for the Belgian market and as co-promoter he helps out with various other projects.

The company that operated the Sportpaleis took over many other venues (currently 8 in total) in the period 2012-2022 and changed its name to Sportpaleisgroep. So his main task shifted over the years to seeking and maintaining partnerships and commercial relationships.

He has also been responsible for developing new VIP package deals for the Sportpaleisgroep (operating under the new name since 2022), further developing the hospitality team, as well as seeking, forging and maintaining various high-level partnerships.

Since Live Nation's entry into the group in 2019, Chris is Sales & Partnerships Director, and manages a team that handles sales to both individuals and companies for all events going on within the be-at group.

In addition, his team is responsible for group sales and the sale of the various infrastructures to companies for exhibitions and corporate events (anything that is not concert-related). Chris is also responsible for the partnerships of the group.



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