«Avangard» LLC established in 2004. Manufacturing company from Izhevsk, Russia. We specialize in producing stadium seats, tribunes (including telescopic bleachers), canopies.

Our best achievement: we equipped with our products 6 stadiums for football world cup in Russia in 2018 (including the biggest one with 81000 seats - «Luzhniki»), and many others sport facilities for international events and championships. More then 4000 sport facilities are equipped with our products in total.

We exported our goods to 14 countries, such us: Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria, Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates, Kirghizia, Turkmenia, Armenia, Serbia, Slovenia.

Contacts: 88003507638, e-mail: avg@skavangard.ru, what’s up, viber: +79821238633.

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