Architecture & Design

Trends & Advancements – Premium Seating in Today’s Venue

Delivering a perfect venue today — one sustainable for years to come — requires a balance of budget, fan expectation, innovation, and activation. You need to understand bricks and mortar but also technology adaptability, F&B implications, and the evolution of how fans consume sports and entertainment. This panel has insights from a variety of industries that influence the holistic venue experience. Hear how premium seating benefits from today’s advancements in design and construction.

Renovate with Success: The ROI of Venue Transformations

Good is no longer good enough to stay competitive in the fast-paced world of premium sports & entertainment. Venues are continually being improved and transformed to capitalise on new revenue potential. Loge boxes, chase lounges, social viewing decks, chic bars, and mini-suites are all on the premium inventory rise. Learn about the quickfix renovations, unique touch-ups and technologies that have generated the greatest ROI, and understand how best to stay current with capital improvements and emerging trends.