Recreational Systems Europe

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Recreational Systems Europe excels in sports infrastructure. It offers a wide array of products, full concepts and solutions related to sports performance such as:

  • Stadium Grass Grow Lighting based on German Rhenac LED technology
  • Fully automatic without touching the pitch 
  • UV-C disease control
  • Third generation hybrid grass 
  • Modular artificial turf systems
  • Football Air Domes
  • Water absorbing and redistributing base structures
  • Video & camera systems for automatic TV
  • And more

Sustainable, innovative concepts that add value to stadium and club performance.
To follow is more in-depth detail regarding the innovation in Stadium Grass Grow Lighting:
The R-BL system is the new standard in pitch management for stadium grass growth. An installation that covers 3,500m2 of natural or hybrid turf in a stadium. The system is able to measure the sun light and adapt its LED light emission for an optimal photosynthesis.  This breakthrough pitch management system can be fully integrated into the stadium’s architectural structure.  The first structure to go is at Schalke 04. Please visit our stand for more information or for further information, go to: or