Session Topics 

Premium Seating – Growing the Revenue Stream

  • In the US, 40% of Ticketing Revenue comes from Premium Seating. Learn how US know-how can help European venues grow this space. Speakers: Andy Price, Head of Commercial - Arenas, NEC Group; Nick Powell, Senior Partner, SP&P; ...
  • How To Maintain your Renewal Base of Premium Subscribers. Speakers: Steve Livingstone, Head of Global Sports, Nepa Global Sports; ...
  • How To Price Your Suites. Are Suites Still Relevant in Your Venue?
  • The Big Event: How to Truly Maximise Your Value.
  • The Future of Premium Seating: Tracking the Trends.


New Renovations: What’s Going On in the Industry

  • Renovate with Success: The ROI of Venue Renovations. Speakers: Ros Robinson, Head of Club Wembley Development, The Football Association; Steve Sayer, Vice President & General Manager, The O2 - London/AEG; ...
  • Assessing Facilities Needs: When and How Much to Invest. 
  • Suite and Premium Seat Outfitting.
  • Hospitality: A Venue's Journey.
  • The Rise of Members Only Spaces.
  • New Renovations: The Wembley Stadium Story. Speakers: Debbie Power, Associate Director, KSS and Ros Robinson, Head of Club Wembley Development, The Football Association.


It's all about Mobile Ticketing 

  • Mobile Ticketing.
  • Learning from the US: The Optimum Setup for Tickets & Sales Teams Based on Your Organisations Size and Capacity. 


Utilising the Latest Technology 

  • Tech Session Presented by Addvance IT/KAPPTURE. Moderator: George Vaughan, Head of Technology, Ascot Racecourse. Speakers: TBA...
  • The High Tech Venue. Leveraging Technology to Deliver an Enhanced Premium & Hospitality Offering.


Staffing your Premium Markets

  • Setting Up Your Premium Marketplace.
  • Don't Confuse Service with Real Luxury Hospitality.


What Your Customers Need

  • What Your Customers Say: End User Panel.
  • Adding Value to the Premium Experience: Create What Your Customer Wants. 
  • Premium Consumer Trends: Analytics, ROI and Naming Rights. 
  • Food and Beverage: Creating a Menu that Separates the Premium Customer from General Admission. 
  • How to Deliver an Optimised Digital Customer Experience.



Premium Executive of the Year: The Visionary Award


Other topics (TBC):

  • How to Approach End Users.
  • Initiatives, Products & Solutions aimed at Increasing Revenue.
  • Year Round Premium Service and Gifting.
  • New Trends in the Experience Economy.
  • Top successes with Sponsorship Activation.
  • A profile of today’s sales team – A review of how different venues/ teams categorise a sales person, moving away from the traditional proactive sales team by giving your account managers and customer service providers the training required to identify sales opportunities and close deals.
  • B2B Marketing: Always Be Closing.
  • How to Reach your Customer.
  • Creating A Want, Not a Need.